Review — Dark Money



“Our movement must destroy the prevalent statist paradigm.” — Charles Koch 1978

The corrosive effect of economic inequality on democracy has been erased from the public conscience. Those who try to write it back in are considered naive radicals.

“Wealth begets power, which begets more wealth.” -Joseph Stiglitz

Chapter 1: Radicals: A Koch Family History

“The colored man looms large in the communist plan to take over America.” -Fred Koch


Charles “was not going to be satisfied with being the Engels or even the Marx of the libertarian revolution. He wanted to be the Lenin.” — Clayton Coppin

Chapter 2: The Hidden Hand: Richard Mellon Scaife

“No amount of charity in spending such fortunes can compensate in anyway for the misconduct in acquiring them.” — Theodore Roosevelt.

Objectivity was abandoned for supposed neutrality.

Chapter 3: Beachheads: John M. Olin and the Bradley Brothers

“It matters little to me whether the economic development is classified as Marxism, Keynesianism, or whatnot.” — Olin

Chapter 4: The Koch Method: Free-Market Mayhem

Chapter 5: The Kochtopus: Free-Market Machine

“To the dismay of some faculty members applicants essays had to be run through computers in order to count the number of times they mentioned the free-market icons, Ayn Rand, and Milton Friedman. Students were tested at the beginning and the end of each week for ideological improvement.”

“Koch’s foundation gave additional funds to Brown to support faculty research and post doctoral candidates in such topics such as why bank deregulation is good for the poor.”

Chapter 6: Boots on the Ground

Part 2 Chapter 7: Tea Time

“It’s a major accomplishment for sponsors like the Kochs that they’ve turned corporate self interest into a movement among people on the streets.” — Thomas Frank

Chapter 8: The Fossils

“Gridlock is the greatest friend a global warming skeptic has, because that’s all you really want.”

Chapter 9: Money Is Speech: The Long Road to Citizens United

“By flashing a bright green light the supreme court sent a message to the wealthy and their political operatives, that when it came to raising and spending money they now could act with impunity, both the legal fog, and political stigma lifted.”

Chapter 10: The Shellacking: Dark Money’s Midterm Debut, 2010

Chapter 11: The Spoils: Plundering Congress

Chapter 12: Mother of All Wars: The 2012 Setback

“Republicans have finally found a group they want to tax, poor people.” — David Weigel

Chapter 13: The States: Gaining Ground

Chapter 14: Selling the New Koch: A Better Battle

“I just want my fair share, which is all of it.” — Charles Koch


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