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  • Elizabeth Bruenig

    Elizabeth Bruenig

    Columnist at @WashingtonPost. Christian. Enjoy links, jokes, pics of birds.

  • Paul Constant

    Paul Constant

    Political writer at Civic Ventures. Co-founder of the Seattle Review of Books. Author of comics including PLANET OF THE NERDS.

  • Tanisha Bassan

    Tanisha Bassan

    Quantum Computing Research @ Zapata Computing

  • Foreign Policy

    Foreign Policy

    Global Politics, Economics and Ideas

  • Calin Aneculaesei

    Calin Aneculaesei

    Student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. History fanatic. Contact: aneculaeseicg@gmail.com

  • Nitheesh Velayan

    Nitheesh Velayan

    Giving you clear-eyed insights into economics and the mechanisms of the world around us. Finance Director of ShoutOut Adverts LLP.

  • Eric Olander 欧瑞克

    Eric Olander 欧瑞克

    Managing Editor of The China Africa Project

  • Luis Martin del Campo

    Luis Martin del Campo

    Vivo para el desarrollo de conciencia, habilidades para innovación, economía regenerativa y cambio social sistémico, para asegurar el futuro humano en armonía

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