Capital & Ideology Part Four

Rethinking the Dimensions of Political Conflict

Chapter 14 Borders & Property: The Construction of Equality

Voting Patterns over time

Racism: a tool for the right, an excuse for the left.

What predicts Political Orientation?

Piketty’s Political Compass.

Chapter 15 Brahmin Left: New Euro-American Cleavages

Democratic Party Through The Years.

Republican Party Through The Years

Southern Strategy

From Solidarity to Meritocracy

“The Democratic Party, like the parties of the electoral left in France, changed its priorities. Improving the lot of the disadvantaged ceased to be its main focus. Instead, it turned its attention primarily to serving the interests of the winners in the educational competition.”

Reaganomics, The New Center.


Chapter 16 Social Nativism: The Postcolonial Identitarian Trap

Conditions for Social Nativism

Solving Tax Competition via Social Federalism.


Chapter 17 Elements for a Participatory Socialism for the Twenty-First Century


Social Ownership

Promoting Circulation of Capital

Progressive Wealth Taxation

The Limits of Agrarian Reform

You Didn’t Build That.

Basic Income

Carbon Taxes

“The method used in France in 2017–2018 consists in increasing carbon taxes on people of modest means to pay for tax cuts for the rich, leading to the so-called Yellow Vests uprising and the breakdown of the whole French carbon tax system. This is the method to avoid at all costs”

Educational Justice

Vouchers for a more Participatory Democracy

Global Social Federalism

Political Economic Commentary & Analysis.