By Colin Mackerras

1949–1978 Historical Background

The CPC came about after “a century or so of turbulence, civil war, and foreign occupation.” The CPC succeeded in redistributing hoarded wealth, improving the status of women and minorities, but not without violence especially surrounding land reform. …

By Robert Paxton

I read this a while ago, maybe even before I started this blog. It doesn’t fit squarely in the theme of my blog, but there is some discussion albeit brief of the Nazi economy.

Information is organized more by category than by chronological order. I am not including any commentary…

“All my conclusions are tentative and fragile by their very nature.”


The significant reduction of inequality that took place in the mid-twentieth century was made possible by the construction of a social state based on relative educational equality and a number of radical innovations, such as co-management in the Germanic…

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